Sunday, April 11, 2010

I am such a spur of the moment kind of person

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Really....I am not good at making plans or todo lists. Much better at waking up and just doing..whatever.

My best laid plans usually go by the wayside...and I sit wondering where the day went.

The only plans that I ever carry out...are doctor appointments. They are a must. But come the day of the appointment I am usually moaning about having to go somewhere.

So I've been missing for months and have not done much of anything. Trying to find a new place to live which is not easy. Health issues. Real life get the story.

So I got 90% of the spring cleaning done and decided when that chore is's time to create. plans go, that didn't happen. My grandsons had different ideas. Trips to Nanner's house. Now I use to bring all four at the same time but health will not allow that, so they come one at a time. Brody (age 3) was here and left, followed by Ian who was/is home on Easter/Spring break, He's been sick since before Easter and was convinced he needed to be with me. I have magical tea. Hello...I hate to tell him but it's instant ice tea mix, water and cubes but it worked for him.

Yesterday my grand daughter had her art show. She won a scholarship for summer art classes/supplies so it was a great day. While Ian was here I decided to sort, purge and organize my crafting/sewing supplies and after her art show headed home to finish it up. I got hit with a blinding headache and waves of wanting to hurl. Oh Ian...yes, he gave his Nanner's whatever he had. Spent the day of the sofa, sipping hot tea and never mover from this until about a hour ago. Not feeling up to par...yet.

So my plans to create has been set aside until this passes. Ian wants to come make me "magical tea' but he's off to Lego club. He is the Lego king....

This is my next and my daughter gathered all the supplies needed and I've decided it's time to tackle it. Looks like a fun project.


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