Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Am I exhausted. Got a brain storm on Monday night and couldn't leave it go. Had saw somebody's scrap closet and is was amazing. I chatted with her about what containers and set up she used. Way out of my price range but I know I could make do...I am always recycling or re-purposing something.

I have a double width walk in closet in my bedroom and it was perfect. Finally...everything could be in one place. know how a project never looks as complicated as you think it's going to be....should have thought this out more. So I measured and measure again...and dove right in. Took everything out of the closet and shoved around some furniture...but a antique bureau in the closet and all I had to do was put a work surface on top. I eyeballed the board I had to use...looked like it would work. After five minutes of cursing, a few brusies and three broken way would the board fit. So I look at my PC desk I made and knew that board would be perfect. Again..never looks as complicated as it is. I had to dismantle the computer, dismantle the desk  and put that board on the bureau. Then put the large piece of wood on my filing cabinets and put the desk and pc back together again. I got trapped in the room three! is now almost Thursday and I'm still not done. Body parts hurt...but the scrap closet looks amazing. I love it.. Painting the closets walls dove gray and the work surface garnet. 

The things we do to be able to scrap. I could have left well enough alone and scrapped at the kitchen counter where I've done it for five years...but no. 


  1. Paige said...
    Oh, my, what a task! But now you have a "new" space to stamp and scrap to your heart's content and all you have to do is close the door to hide the creative mess!
    Have fun!
    Sande said...
    Paige...exactly my and my daugther's thought. I live in an apartment and hate I think when you don't have a space you often do create because you know, no matter how tired you have to put it all away.

    After I'm finished I post a picture.

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