Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just a quick message.

I have not been able to update or do any projects this week. I've been sick in bed most of the week and when not there, at the doctors, physical therapist, at the hospital having a Brain and a Spine MRI and having a ton of blood work done. Long story and it would take forever to explain.

Hopefully this will pass quickly and I'll be back to creating this week.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sweet Dreamers Challange #6......Get Your Motor Running.

UPDATE: Took the photo over again this morning with the morning sunlight. Much better but it enhances the fact that the blade wasn't sharp enough. You can barely see the jagged littled edge in real life but photo seems to make it larger than life.

As soon as I saw the thread I knew I was going to use a image/stamp with a motor cycle. Was searching for a Harley but didn't come across one. I used to own a 1967 Harley (Hog as they were called back then) using a bike was perfect for me.

I almost forgot that I hadn't completed the card. Super busy week...with not much spare time. Then grandson decided he wanted to spend the holiday weekend with me. Great fun. So I spotted the incomplete card sitting on the table and grabbed paper, adhesive and cardstock and proceeded to assemble the card.

Discovered way too late that the blade wasn't sharp enough to cut the Neenah Cardstock clean. Too late to start over.

Get card assembled, grab camera only to realize the sun was now almost set and I had no good lighting...almost golden.

Uploaded card but tomorrow will rephotograph is in the sunlight.

I used Neenah Solar White Cardstock, Black Cardstock and the image which I found online and love, was stamped on pale dove gray cardstock. I stamped using Memento Tuxedo Blank and the image was colored using Copic Markers, which I am getting more comfortable using. I don't know who the card is going to be for or what occasion so I left the sentiment off.

*you can click on image to see it enlarged*

Have a great night....