Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sweet Dreamers’ Challenge # 4- Word Has It...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Spent the being lazy...sitting around trying to stay cool despite the AC being dead again. Did spend some time cleaning out both computer's which was a huge job as I love to save images that I find online, drinking way too much coffee and have a Pearl Jam Marathon (drools at the site of Eddie Vedder) was not a bad day. The AC is fixed, three pots of Starbooks coffee and PJ...what more can you ask for.

As soon as the challenge was posted I knew exactly what stamp I was using and it fit the "no coloring" requirement.

Short story about the stamp. My youngest daughter, much to everyone's dismay, rarely saves cards. Her soon to be husband on the other hand thinks you save every card you receive and he does. He constantly nags her about this with every event that you would send a card for. When my oldest daughter and I saw this stamp in one of the $1 bins at Micheals we both knew I had to have it....and have been waiting for just the perfect occasion...her birthday on Saturday.

The card was basically made from scraps except for the Solar White Neenah Cardstock, a piece of scrap lavendar and scarp polka dot (not sure of what the company was). I stamped is using Blood Red Ink from Rubber Stampede, Tea Leaves Dew Drop and a tiny butterfly stamp (she loves butterflies). Layered and glued. (and yes it was hard to resist not coloring in the I'll post her "real" birthday card before Saturday.

This looks larger than it it's more of insert to put into her "real" card and I can't wait to see her face...maybe she'll be forced into saving her cards from now on or we could just stop giving her cards. lol.

Oh a side note...I've never had trouble cutting card stock with my cutter. New blade was put in just a few days ago and I could not get a smooth cut. I used Neenah Cardstock for the first time and a wondering if it's the thickness of the paper or the quality of my cutter. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Now that the place is cooling off I'm going to sew a Market Bag for my grand daughter for school. She loves them much better than a backpack and picked out this great fabric with her Aunt, it's pink, white and black skulls. She loves punk and goth style clothes and looks adorable in them, so this will be perfect. Hope to start selling them soon.

Oh...and a huge thank you to all you steered me in the right directions with my limited photography abilities. I found the perfect spot is either on my dining table or on the ironing board, in front of the sliding glass door....mid afternoon seems to be the perfect time for the lighting issue.


  1. Kathy said...
    Great sentiment, too funny. I'm sure she'll get a kick out of it. Please post a photo of the market bag when you make it, sounds cute.
    Paige said...
    Funny! Thanks for the good belly laugh today!
    Mary G. said...
    Great take on the challenge!!! GREAT sentiment! :)
    Vicki said...
    Sande, this is perfect! Would love to see look on her face! lol! Great job! Blessings to you!
    pezadoodle said...
    perfect stamp! hahahah! great for our challenge!
    Shelly Schmidt said...
    Where did you find a stamp like this??? Too funny! Great challenge card. TFS
    Cindy said...
    Sande, I missed your blog before! Great take on the challenge!! Glad your AC is working again!!

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