Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's a gloomy, drizzling and very humid day on the East Coast today. Where is fall? I hope it makes its appearance early this year.

My card for Challenge Two is completed. Just need to photograph it and upload it.

Was busy making a birthday card for my daughter's Mother In Law....who is very much a part of my family. She is kind person who really does think about others and it shows.

We are off to take her out for dinner for her birthday. Then back to my house for cake. You can never have enough cake. lol!

On a side note...if anybody needs a banner/avatar or such for their blog. I can work on creating you something that you don't find on other blogs. If you need to see samples of my work go to: on their you'll find a small sample of my work.


  1. Ann said...
    It is crazy HOT here in the Midwest! Thankfully we've barely had any heat this summer at all. Still, I'm always ready for fall--my favorite time of year. :)
    Tami said...
    Be happy or the rain. It is 101 here. How much do you charge for the banners?
    Amy said...
    Its hot in the desert too! I wish snow would find its way here! Great post!

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