Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Finally think I am rested up after a very hectic three days spent at the Creating Keepsakes Convention. Me and Alicia took one class on Thursday night, three of Friday and had registared for three classes on Saturday but added one more for a total of four.

The classes were super...though one we were not thrilled with. It was more of a beginner class..very simple and basic and not worth the price of the class.

Of course, many hours were spent walk back and forth between classes and the vendor faire....looking at all that was for sale. Got about a dozen or so stamps....a great stamp company was there selling their stamps for 50% off, so who could pass up a deal like that. We also made our first purchase of Copic Markers and got a really great selection and price.

I went to the convention much to my doctors dismay..and family was a big concerned. After months of progress learning how to walk again...I went for a short walk a week before the convention and fell. I hit the sidewalk hard and wacked my knee, hit my elbow and ripped and fractured my right shoulder. So me and cane went to the show....as I told the doctor, what more harm could be done in a few days time. Have an appointment with the Orthopedic Surgeon on the 21st...hoping that I won't have to have surgery.

Have been busy completing my layouts and projects...just never enough time in the class to finish them.

Fun day at the house...the dishwasher filled with moldy water and the AC decided to die. Of course...with my injury I can't reach to wash the dishes and it's hotter than hell here today. Fun times.


  1. Vicki said...
    Oh Sande! Bless your heart! A whole week of Mondays sounds like for you! I hope all goes well and you start healing right away. You are one devoted stamper!! Blessings to you!
    Lisa said...
    Oh soooo sorry to hear...no AC, I don't want to imagine!
    Well get better soon and wishes for better, COOLER days!
    Shelly Schmidt said...
    Om my- I sure hope you have no further falling or incidents of the like! Take care of yourself too! I would be miserable without my air conditioning!!!
    scrappypug said...
    ohh sending you lots of good wishes... take care.. no ac is not fun (i know from experience) especially when you arent feeling well or have injuries. blessings to you.
    Ann said...
    I've never been to a CK convention--sounds like you had a good time! And I do SO hope you are feeling better--take care!!!

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